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Marble Surface

Tianyue Bay Plots

The Tianyue Bay project includes several plots more than shown below. For instance, the three plots in this project covers over 410 acres, along with over 21,000 residents expected when fully populated. In order to provide a comfortable and promising living environment for all people, a substantial amount of different facilities were distributed around these three plots, other than all the high-rise residential towers. From kindergarten to nursing home, from community health center to cultural event center, from convenient stores to market, facilities of every aspect in daily life have been taken into consideration in the design process. 

Landscape, on the other hand, is another crucial factor in creating a pleasant ambient. Delicate landscape design has also been intergrated into the project as well. With different scale of space, various landscape elements were implanted. Such as in the open area that's most trafficed and focused, abundant planting with lager space for rest of play was arranged for the residents. Whereas, in other area where serenity or privacy is valued, certain meandering pathways and booths were designed with discreet intention. To the other end, somewhat rather active space was also added in the project. A short but exquisite shopping street dewells on the eastern plot as radiation to the rest of project. With proper view of the river to the east, this street does not solely offer a place to get groceries or grab a bite of food, but rather another brush of bright colors of modern living.

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