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Conghua Fenger Village Rennovation

The Fenger village, with its non-identical geographical features as many other Chinese  road-side villages, seems to be forgotten by China’s fast developing urbanization in the past decade. However, the facade and landscape renovation project of this small town has brought back the culture prosperity and life vitality the 3500 residents have been expecting for long.

Most of the existing residential units remained concrete material and diversed in color. The intention of reshaping buildings into typical Ling-Nan style aimed at matching its own historic elements in ancient local culture. Pitched roof, elliptical eaves and the black-white facade are not just a classical features of the culture but also an aesthetic respect to the past.

Regarding transportation, new design reshaped narrow entrance into a wider open space accompanied with a culture square. Along with the renovated playground, which used to be a parking lot, integrated with culture stage somehow satisfies the social needs of peoples’ community life.

To further enhance recognition of the village entrance over the express, the abandoned crossing space in front of the village entrance was transformed into a green space with brand new landscape features, where an iconic statue was established.

Obviously, residents who live in Fenger village have not been forgotten in the modern society. Its pleased to see a more diversified community and alive culture are back in there.

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