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Xingyang Hanyu Business Center

Hanyu Business Center strategically locates at the junction of Zhengshang Road and Xinghua road, occupying the majority of the lot. Lot area is approximately 20766.88sqm, with ample space provided for car parking on ground. The development comprises of a commercial podium and two apartment towers.

This stunning modern Façade commercial project consist of variety of retail slot on first floor. The supermarket and restaurants are located on second floor and cinemas provided on the third. To suite its commercial positioning, the interior design of this building has a pleasant and welcoming ambience.

This project has given a lot of consideration not only for all the residents on the locality but also for people from neighboring area, to have access to commercial facilities for those who love shopping, leisure like cinemas, dining, etc. Most everything people want for their daily life could be found in this building.

A well landscaped roof top of the commercial building with appealing landscape elements, gazebos which provides exceptionally relaxing experience for all users. Even better, this rooftop garden offers a splendid overlooking view of the surrounding area as well.

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