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Marble Surface

Jule Garden Residential Area

The Southern River Side Project is set to be among the one of the newly, mix-used developed area in the city of Xingyang , aiming to simulate the balance of residential and recreational life near the River-South through the combination of housing, schools, and a commercial center. The site was estimated to host nearly 5000 people living and working daily, as 1,500 residential units all spread throughout eight majestic residential buildings flanked by 15,000 square meter of retail, recreational and food services to the west.


The master plan assimilates all the functions very well throughout site with the spacious residential areas, supplemented with landscape parks occupying 80% of the plot to the east and the rest to the west is backboned by the happening commercial street. The eight residential blocks were designed as standalone subtle structures/architecture of 27 floors, reaching up to the maximum height of 100 meters. The apartments within each block have a distinctive character featuring light-flooded interiors, spacious balconies, and magnificent views out into the landscape. As well as, there strategic placement and double orientation to guarantee the best possible thermal and light contribution to each and every one of the housing unit. The dynamic intervention of the landscape parks along each block ensures the balance of green living. These parks` qualities include an enchanting population of stately trees, a picturesque garden, outdoor exercise platforms connected with network of inviting footpaths. Moreover, the materials, colors, and feel of the surrounding landscape are soaked up by the out-ward thrusting balconies and bay windows, which create additional outdoor areas and allow residents to “live in nature.”


On the other hand, the commercial facility was born to the from the desire, to be a project open to the neighborhood. Generating the maximum number of linear meters of subtle, modernized neoclassical facade to west. The overall concept for the project envisages the relation of two functions ranging east to west from high (residential) to the low (commercial) blocks substantially harmonized by vast green spaces to live, eat, shop and play. As the project continues to celebrates the idea "to keep the things people want most within easy reach."

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